Thick Chevron Pattern 2-Set Black and White Throw Pillows

Thick Chevron Pattern 2 Set Black and White Throw Pillows

If you’re looking for thick chevron pattern, 2-set black and white throw pillows, you’ll love these.

For the price on one, you get a two set.

The design is on both sides. The fabric is a high quality cotton and linen blend. These covers are thick enough to cover the design on an old cushion your already have to use as an insert.

The size is 18 x 18 inches.

The width of the zigzag is bold and stylish. Personally, I like to place these with plain black cushions beside them. The arrangement looks good in a living room or hallway.

You could buy these as a gift, especially since they come as two together. But I would suggest buying them as a gift for yourself. They are great value.

By adding these to your couch or bed, you’ll feel pleased you got them, every time you look at them. The zigzag style makes a bold statement in any room.

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