Pretty Gold Hearts Decorative Pillow

Pretty Gold Hearts Decorative Pillow

You’ll love this pretty gold hearts decorative pillow. It looks great on a bed or on a chair in a bedroom.

You could also use it in a living room on your sofa.

I think it looks perfect with other gold accent pillows on a bed because you can match it with a similar duvet cover and lots more pillows.

The stripes stand out and you’re not overwhelmed by too much gold on this one.

Place a black and white print above your bed and use subtle lighting in the room to create a sophisticated look.

Using black, white and gold in your bedroom is stylish yet practical. You can use your pillows to lean on while watching TV in bed.

It comes with an invisible zipper to easily place your pillow inside. It’s high quality and the pattern will not fade.

Perfect for the bedroom?

This square shape is popular for any room in the house. But if you’re getting it for your bed, be sure to buy extra ones in different patterns that complement this style to turn your bed in a luxurious and comfortable retreat. Here is a selection of black, white and gold throw pillows to see what you like best (click here).

This color scheme is great for a dorm room where you have limited area to decorate. You can easily make a bold statement by using the gold accent on pillows and other items. Order several of your favorites and mix and match them to decorate your space. By choosing the images or words that appeal to you this personalizes your decor without needing to spend much at all. Take a look at the link in the text above to see lots of options in this color scheme.

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