Patio 4-Set Throw Pillows in Zigzag Black and White

Patio 4 Set Throw Pillows in Zigzag Black and White

If you want to update your outdoor decor then these patio 4-set throw pillows in zigzag, black and white are perfect.

You get all four cushions included in the set. There are two square and two rectangle shapes included.

They look great together or mix and match them with other colors too.

You can separate them on different pieces of furniture. Place a couple of them on an outdoor bench and the other two each on a chair.

Alternatively, place one square shape with one rectangle shape in front of it, on each of two chairs. This looks so luxurious.

The fabric is water resistant so they’re durable for outdoor living areas. The white on these is a bright white which looks clean and stunning. You’ll receive compliments on your decor using this set.

It can be difficult to find good quality outdoor pillows that also look good. With this set you get everything you want in outdoor decor.

This color scheme is my idea of perfect outdoor living. It gives you the impact of having stunning decor along with the functionality of comfortable, durable pillows.

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