Lashes White Pillow with Gold Featured Words

Lashes White Pillow with Gold Featured Words

Lashes White Pillow with Gold Featured Words

For lots of fun, try a Lashes white pillow with gold featured words. The closed eyes look great on your bed.

Alternatively the eyelashes are perfect if you own a beauty business and want to use it in your office, salon or work space.

This pairs nicely with other gold pillows. You can choose one theme like inspirational quotes and words and make a collection of these pillows in complementary colors for your bed or sofa.

Luckily there are lots available in this color combination. If you want to design your decor around this one pillow, it’s easy.

The gold words give it a luxury look without being over the top.

The whimsical nature of this one is sure to be appreciated.

If you don’t want too many pillows with words on them then try and match this pillow with plain gold or plain black pillows to really make it stand out. If you only use one with the gold words then you’re making a stronger statement with it.

There are so many places to put this. Use your creative flair to decorate around it and get people taking notice of it when they walk into the room. Beds, chairs, bench seats, even a shelf can be used as a place for this one.

Have fun with your new decor and really enjoy creating an inspiring space in your room. Don’t just stop with one!

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