Gold Spots on Black and White Stripe Pillow

Gold Spots on Black and White Stripe Pillow

Gold Spots on Black and White Stripe Pillow

This attractive gold spots on black and white stripe pillow is sure to please. You can use it in a formal room or with more casual decor. It’s very versatile.

It would also look good in a dorm room. It adds that touch of gold on top of striking stripes.

It is available in 3 square shape sizes and one rectangle size. Buy at least 2 of these to place them together at each end of a sofa or to put on different chairs in a room.

And, of course, if you’re putting them on a large bed you could probably place three of them along with other pillows too.

The fabric is a cotton velvet material. It’s printed on both sides which makes it more usable.

This is the type of pillow that could be used almost anywhere. You could use it in a kids play room or a boy or girl’s bedroom.

And, as already mentioned, it could be matched with other pillows to look great in a dorm room.

With this design it would also make a beautiful gift for your son or daughter. Alternatively, you could also give it to your parents. It will suit lots of people and look great in their home.

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