Gold Lipstick Pattern on Black and White Throw Pillow

Gold Lipstick Pattern on Black and White Throw Pillow

Looking for a Gold Lipstick Pattern on Black and White Throw Pillow? This is an eye-catching design that won’t get overlooked.

It’s bold and beautiful. This one is perfect for a bed with lots of other black, white and gold cushions.

It also looks great on a sofa or chair. Use lots of other black and white pillows to really make your room look fantastic.

I love the black and white color scheme for decorating rooms in my home. It is easy to do, yet gives the biggest impact of any decorating styles.

Combining gold with the black and white adds that touch of luxury. Keep the theme going in several rooms or reserve it for one special room like your bedroom where you can truly enjoy it.

If you’re looking for more ideas, try choosing another pillow in the same colors with the word “love” on it. Or choose an inspirational saying in bold letters. See these ideas (click here) to really help you get those creative juices flowing.

There are so many wonderful ideas for using this color scheme.


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⇒ Want to use a “Love” theme. See this pillow, you’ll love it.

⇒ Try another one with lips, see it here.

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