Gold Feature Chevron Stripe on White Pillow

Gold Feature Chevron Stripe on White Pillow

This gold feature chevron stripe on white pillow design is perfect for a living room or bedroom. With the pixelated design it would also look great in an office.

This is predominantly a light color cushion with the white background and gold feature. If you need to combine it with a darker background the gold will really shine.

You can give your decor a lift easily by incorporating gold into the color scheme. This pillow is easy to place in any room. The gold is not too overpowering and yet it stands out.

By using the zigzag pattern as a feature on a couch you can bring other gold decor into the room on photo frames, vases and mirrors.

If you want to use this on a chair in your office it pairs nicely with stationery accessories like a gold pencil organizer or a gold vase to really make the gold color a feature.

If you need more gold color on a cushion, take a look at some of the other ones here. But if you just want a subtle touch of it, this throw pillow is perfect. Buy two and place one on each end of your couch. You’ll love the effect.


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