Cotton Linen Chevron 18×18 Throw Pillow

Cotton Linen Chevron 18x18 Throw Pillow

This is a classic cotton linen chevron 18×18 throw pillow in black and white.

You’ll want to order more than one of these to add to your home.

The design is eye-catching and complements any other black or white decor in your room.

This style is perfect for the living room but can also be placed on a bed. Either have it at the front making a statement, or place it behind other pillows and have it peaking out. You’ll still notice it!

The design is printed on both sides. This is handy if you have young kids who are likely to put their dirty hands or mouth on it. Simply turn it over to the other side until you have time to wash it. It will still look good.

This is a classic style which makes a great gift for friends or family. If you know someone who would appreciate one (or two) in their home, it makes an easy to choose gift.

The boldness of this design also suits dorm rooms or smaller spaces where you don’t have a lot of room or surfaces to place decor items.

By using a bold design you can quickly and easily achieve the look you want without having to buy lots of decorating products. And they’re useful. Use them on a chair or bed to make it more comfortable.


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