Comfortable Chevron Design Black and White Cushion

Comfortable Chevron Design Black and White Cushion

To get a really soft and comfortable chevron design black and white cushion, look no further. This is what your want.

This throw pillow comes in 10 difference sizes (click on the image to see all the shapes and sizes available on Amazon).

It is super soft and high quality. If you’re using it with kids you’ll love this one.

And if you’re getting one or two for a dorm room, they are nice and soft for everyday use.

This square pillow has even-width zigzag stripes so you get a balanced amount of black and white. The design is bold and eye-catching across a room.

Make a Start

You could use this one pillow to start a whole new color scheme for one room in your home. This is an easy way to decorate if you’re not sure where to start.

By getting one for a chair or two for a sofa, you can then choose other decorating pillows or throw blankets for your furniture that all complement each other.

And remember the curtains! If you’re re-decorating, you may want to choose solid white or solid black curtains. These days you can easily choose from either thermal insulated curtains or the complete opposite, that is, sheer curtains for your room.

If you’re using a couple of these bold statement throw pillows, you’ll probably want to keep your curtains fairly plain in design. This is also very practical because it’s easy to find lots of curtains in a plain color, without patterns.

By starting to re-decorate with your new pillows it’s easy to place them in your room and see what you’d like to get next. Perhaps curtains are not your priority, think about a new chair or an end table.

Then you can think about what you’d like to put on the chair or table. By decorating step-by-step you not only get to find the products you want along the way, but you also don’t overspend by buying too much at once (something I’ve been guilty of doing quite often!)

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