Classic Cotton Canvas Square Zigzag Throw Cushion

Classic Cotton Canvas Square Zigzag Throw Cushion

This is a high quality, handmade classic cotton canvas square zigzag throw cushion. If you’re looking for a throw pillow to put with other black and white decor, this will fit in perfectly.

It comes in different sizes and different colors (click the image to see more details).

The chevron design provides a luxury look for your living room. You don’t need to spend a lot to get that strong black and white decor.

Place one or two of these on your couch along with a couple more throw pillows in other designs and you’re ready to invite your friends over.

Having friends over for the game? Inviting family over for the holidays? Whatever the occasion, this pillow will liven up your room and get attention.

You’ll wish you’d bought more!

And don’t forget the patio. These throw pillows are not waterproof but if they’re under cover you could easily use them on a patio or covered deck. I love using pillows on my outdoor furniture, as long as it’s under cover.

And let’s face it, the comfort of most outdoor furniture is improved  by a pillow. If you’re using them in this way, you’ll need lots. You may want to order them all in the same design or get a variety of styles for variety and added interest. You can also move them around, if you have different ones, to keep it interesting.

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