Black Rectangle Cushion with White Chevron Design

Black Rectangle Cushion with White Chevron Design

This black rectangle cushion with white chevron design is a one-sided throw pillow. The back of it is white and can be used on either side for giving your room a new look.

It is 20×26 inches with a hidden zipper. The fabric is cotton and polyester.

This oblong shape offers variety as an extra pillow sitting beside lots of square ones.

Alternatively, you can use it on it’s own on a chair for extra softness.

And don’t forget the bedroom. This is perfect for looking good on your bed or on an occasional chair.

With black as the main color, this really makes the white zigzags pop. You’ll love adding this decor item to any room that needs a few extra zigs and zags, here or there. It’s a fun throw pillow but it’s also the type that can fit into a more traditional or retro room. Zigzags give you so much choice in your decor.

You could even use it on your work chair at your desk to look good and give you the extra support you need when you’re working.

My son really likes this zigzag design and wants it for his bedroom. I’ll have to get a couple of them for him.

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